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If you encounter ANY problems using the Forms and Links below phone me at 724-547-0363 and ask for Capt. Bill. I will take your information personally over the phone. If you are unable to reach me personally. Please leave a message including your name, phone number, and a convienient date & time to return your call.  I will then return your call at your specified time.


To reserve a trip please fill out the required areas in the form below then click
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We will e-mail you a response within 24 hours to confirm OR notify you that we cannot accommodate your reservation request.
Once your trip date is confirmed we will direct you to
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located on the bottom of this page to process your deposit or full payment.

To ensure your booking a

$75 Deposit for a 1 Person Float Tube Fishing Trip
$150 Deposit for 2 Person Float Tube Fishing Trip is required. 

You only need to pay one deposit fee per trip, regardless of the number of people in your group. Pay your deposit only after receiving E-mail confirmation of your selected booking date.

Postal Services 
( U.S. Mail, UPS, FedEx,…etc.) 

Mail Personal Checks, Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks & Travellers Checks to:

Acme Dam Fishing
140 Snowshoe Road
Acme, PA 15610 

Click Here for a Printable Reservation Form

Payments by Personal Check – Deposit must be received no later then 10 days after making reservations or your trip will not be confirmed. The Balance may be paid the day of your scheduled trip.

Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks & Travellers Checks – Deposit must be received no later then 10 days after making reservations or your trip will not be confirmed. The Balance may be paid the day of your scheduled trip.

For our guest who live abroad and/or work hours that make it difficult to reach us at our regular business hours, E-mail or leave a message on our answering machine leaving your name, phone number, along with a time & date when you may be contacted and we will make special arrangements to return your call at a time that is more convenient for you.

E-mail:         Phone: (724)547-0363

Final payment is due upon arrival. All patrons must sign waiver before trip commences. We reserve the right to deny service with no refund to any patrons arriving visibly drunk. No alcoholic beverages allowed on the water. Cancellations made more than 30 days in advance are refunded in full less transaction fees. Cancellations made less than 30 days but more than one week ahead can be re-scheduled (at no cost) or 75% of your deposit is refunded. Cancellations made less that a week ahead are non-refundable. All prices are in USD.



Guided Float Tube Fishing Trips, Fishing Guide to Southwest PA


To download a copy of the waiver Click Here

ALL PATRONS of Acme Dam Fishing, must complete the waiver form to finalize reservations. No form, no fishing-no exceptions.

Acme Dam Fishing, LLC.
140 Snowshoe Rd. Acme, Pennsylvania 15610

Waiver and Release of Liability Claims and Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement

I hereby acknowledge that participating in guided float tube activities presents a risk of personal injury, death and damage to or loss of personal property which may result from, but is not limited to the following: float tubing in or around lakes, ponds, reservoirs or other bodies of water, natural hazards including, but not limited to lightning storms and other adverse weather conditions; domestic or wild animals; fire; travel either on foot or in a vehicle in unfamiliar terrain or over fences and other structures, artificial and natural obstructions and unimproved roads, the consumtion of food and beverages as well as traveling in company owned vehicles. I hereby acknowledge and recognize the existence of these risks, and ASSUME ALL RISKS COMPLETELY, and agree that I SHALL HOLD HARMLESS AND TAKE NO ACTIONS OR SUITS, FOR DEBTS, DUES, SUMS OF MONEY, CLAIMS OR DEMANDS WHATSOEVER AT LAW OR IN EQUITY AGAINST ACME DAM FISHING, WILLIAM LESSMAN, MARILYN LESSMAN, his or her heirs, executors, assigns, administrators, property or other permitted guides for injury, death, property damage or loss associated with relating to or arising from those risks enumerated above or otherwise that occur while I am participating in any stage of a guided float tube fishing package trip(s) with Acme Dam Fishing LLC.

I understand and acknowledge that by signing this document that I have given up certain legal rights and/or possible claims which I might otherwise assert or maintain against William Lessman, Marilyn Lessman, Acme Dam Fishing, and all of their personal and/or entities including specifically, but not limited to, rights arising from claims or demands for acts of omissions, negligent in any degree of Acme Dam Fishing their guides and all other persons or entities.  Under any circumstances Acme Dam Fishing LLC. cannot be held for damages in excess of the price of the trip.

I understand this entire agreement is between myself and Acme Dam Fishing LLC, William Lessman, Marilyn Lessman their guides and any other related persons or entities and I understand that it cannot be modified or changed in any way. I further state that I am of lawful age to sign this release and waiver agreement or that I am signing it on behalf of a minor for whom I legally responsible.

If a provision in this agreement is held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the unaffested provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

My signature indicates that I have read this entire document, understand it completely and agree to be bound by its terms. I also understand the terms herein are contractual and not mere recital and that I have signed this document of my own free act.


Cancellation policy:
If you cancel your trip 30 days notice is required for full refund less transaction fees. Cancellations of fewer than 30 days and more than a week can be rescheduled free of charge or 75% of deposit refunded. Cancellation of less than a week is non refundable.  We reserve the right to deny service to any client visibly intoxicated.  No exceptions & no refund.

Parental Consent: (To be completed and signed by parent/guardian) (Float Tube Age Restricton: NO CHILDREN UNDER 11 YEARS OF AGE) (ALL MINORS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT / LEGAL GUARDIAN)

I hereby give consent that my child/children, _______________________________________________, participate in a guided trip with Acme Dam Fishing, LLC. And I hereby execute the above Agreement, Wavier, and Release on his/her behalf. I hereby agree to hold Acme Dam Fishing, LLC. , William Lessman, Marilyn Lessman their guides and any other persons or entities mentioned above free and harmless from any loss, liability, damage, cost or expense which they may incur as a result of death or any injury or property damage that said minor may sustain while participating in said activity.


Guided Float Tube Fishing Trips, Fishing Lakes of Southwestern PA

Services & Information

Float Tubes

A float tube is a very comfortable lightweight, single person watercraft that enables you to reach wilderness areas of streams, ponds and lakes. Float tubes have proven themselves to be one of the most convenient, safe and effective ways to fish small lakes for all species of game fish.

You sit in the built-in seat of the float tube, wearing full chest waders to keep you dry & warm. You move slowly and quietly through the water, using float tube fins to propel yourself, as you cast with the constant anticipation of the water exploding in front of you as a fish slams your lure as you go fishing for large mouth bass, carp, muskie and pike. 

Acme Dam Fishing doesn’t just show you where, we show you how! No prior float tube or fishing experience necessary! We will teach you the tricks and methods of catching fish from a float tube, proper use of all float tube fishing equipment, and individualized fishing instruction for beginners and novices alike.

Bring your own gear or tap into our high-quality assortment of Caddis Creek Co. Round Boats Open Faced , and Pontoon styled float tubes with maximum capacities ranging from 225 lbs. to 350 lbs.

Fishing Southwest PA Services & Information

Guided Float Tube Adventures

We specialize in trips for
Largemouth Bass Northern Pike 
We limit the number of guests to 2 people for Day Trips
No shared bookings with other individuals or groups 

Night Trips are limited to 2 people only
No Children under 10 years old

Day Trips start May 1st and run until October 15th.

Night Trips Start on the Bass Season Opener and run into Mid-August.

We offer flexible launching and docking times to match your individual and/or group needs. We can launch as early as sunrise and must dock by dusk for Day Trips.  Night Fishing Trips may start 2 hours before sunset and may run until a hour after Sunrise. Meet us at the lake at your chosen starting time for immediate launching.

Float Tube Trips run a minimum of 6 to 8+ hours of actual fishing time at one of the many local mountain lakes. Trips in the past have lasted 12 hours. Average time in the water is dependent on weather conditions and/or your schedule, we like to fish until the cows come home, your arms fall off, or until you say you are ready to quit, whatever happens first. We only stop fishing due to dangerously high winds, lightning, or high-volume rain storms. Plan your trip times around these parameters.

All float tubing equipment is supplied but you can bring your own float tube, rods, reels and waders if you like.

For Information and/or to make Reservations 
Phone: 724 – 547 – 0363          Email: 
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Pricing Page       On-Line Reservations & Payments 

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  • Float Tube Fish Handling Systems
  • Float Tube Mounted Pole Holders
  • Life Jackets
  • Fins
  • Float Tubes
  • Tackle boxes with proven lures
  • Spinning rods and reel rods
  • Instruction on proper use of all float tube fishing equipment before launching.
  • Individualized fishing instruction for beginners and novice fishermen.
  • Baiting, landing, and unhooking when requested.
  • Bottle water

We Recommend You Bring:

  • Wide Brim Hat
  • Small Towel
  • Polaroid Sun Glasses
  • Camera
  • Rain Jacket/Poncho
  • Bug Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Moisturizer



Guided Float Tube Fishing Trips, Fishing the Lakes of SW. PA

Southwestern Pennsylvania’s Licensed Fish Guide / Charter Boat Fishing Service #115 

Acme Dam Fishing’s Guided Float Tube Fishing Service

Fishing Trips for Bass, Carp, Northern Pike, Muskie 
Fully Equipped Day & Night Guided Float Tube Fishing Trips 
Now Taking Reservations for the 2014 PA Fishing Season

Unique & Private Fishing Trips

Available May 1st Thru October 15th
724 – 547- 0363
Attention email users: Please check your Spam Folders for return emails from Acme Dam Fishing

Pricing & Rates          Reservations & On-Line Payments 

Acme Dam Fishing is Fully Insured Fish Guide / Charter Boat Service
located just off Route 31, 6 miles west of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Exit 91, Donegal.
Minutes away from Laurel Hill State Park, Seven Springs & Hidden Valley Resorts.
Approximately 50 miles Southeast of Pittsburgh. 

Directions & Map Click Here 

Fully Equipped Day & Night Guided Float Tube Fishing Adventures
are to one of several lakes nestled in the Laurel Highlands of Fayette,
Somerset, & Westmoreland Counties, Southwestern PA.

These mountain lakes have diverse ecosystems containing many
types of Aquatic Vegetation and Natural Underwater Structure which
in turn offers the most Exciting & Challenging Fishing in

That’s why we say:
“This Isn’t Fishing – It’s Hunting with Fishing Poles”